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FCB tools

The bar has been developed to facilitate the therapist's work, both in treating people and animals. It is easy to treat deep and superficial muscle membranes and muscles with FCB. The shape of the bar is designed to follow the lines of the body, which enables the treatment of difficult areas.


The FCB bar is an instrument made of pure copper, so it is antibacterial and very heat-binding.


The FCB bar is an excellent tool for fascia treatments.

The bars come in two different sizes, which makes it easier to handle different areas.

In addition, there is a small FCB scraper for small areas and a larger FCB scanner, which triggers the skin's surface tension and activates blood circulation.


With the FCB rod, tight tissue can be treated in a pleasant way. With the FCB scanner, tissue tension can be localized quickly, which facilitates and speeds up the treatment.


The bar can be used to mobilize the tissue in a pleasant way and is an excellent tool for e.g. increasing the mobility of the platform, as well as modifying the attachment areas of the abdominal muscles. The treatment feels pleasant and the treatment response is longer when FCB treatment is combined with the massage.

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