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koulutus käynnissä kalvokäsittely

Kari Salmi

Kari graduated as a sports massage therapist in 1996. She founded her own massage company in 2000 and has worked for people's well-being to this day. In the years 2000-2005, he also specialized in orthopedic osteopathy.

Sport has always been a part of Kari's life. He has worked as a wrestling coach for approx. 25 years. In the field of sports, he completed a professional coaching degree in 2008. Since then, he has also worked as a physical trainer for most different clubs and sports.

Kari has always had dogs. Therefore, it was natural in the early years of the company to learn about the anatomy of dogs as well and take them on as massage clients. In addition, he has held various dog massage courses.  The family still includes dogs today, and in addition to them, there are also horses in the yard.

Markku Pätsi

Markku graduated from the Tampere sports massage school in 1999 as a sports/horse massage therapist.


Since 2000, Markku has operated his own massage company as a private entrepreneur.


Markku has acquired further education at a steady pace. In 2001, he trained in Kaustislai limb repair. In 2006-2009, Markku studied Chinese medicine and graduated as an acupuncture nurse. He has also taken a Kinesio taping course.


Before graduating as a masseuse, she worked in the horse industry for more than ten years in six different countries, working her way up from a horse nurse to a trainer.


In the field of horses, Markku has access to care for many of Finland's top horses, as well as the world's top horses.


At the moment, he also works as a lesson teacher at the KEO horse massage line.

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